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Nothing can be self-evident. When held to a microscope, the most obvious of the world's self-evident truths produces no image, holds no water. To exist in a world of impossibly self-evident truths, of meaningless meaning, must be to critique it. Nothing can be left unquestioned. To live, to be in the (post)modern day is to deconstruct anything and everything that one perceives. One cuts open the social body itself and circles the Earth with its organs to understand better its inner workings.

And simultaneously it is the very principle of the absurd that nothing must be questioned. The world, life itself, no matter its state, is plunged into oceans of purpose by the fact of its arbitrariness, by the mushiness of its truth. It must be the very essence of life to partake in the pleasures of existence, to find the beautiful beautiful simply because it is there. One must see, breathe, feel, be in the air that perpetually surrounds them until it becomes the epitome of the sublime.

It's difficult to be in the world

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